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Ernie Miller's Woodworking fun

Project Photo Album
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This is the bench project I will try and tell you what is going on with it.

This is the Nander shop page I will start with my bench it is a work in progress. I have next to nothing invested in it a few bolts for the tressel and a vice and vice screw maybe $10 in all. The top is made from a chink of Bowling alley that I got when a local boweling alley switched to synthetic lanes. It was rough and needed planed. that started me down the sloap I used my grandpa's #7 & 8 to make it flat.

This is the top I will find a better picture soon.

This is the front of the house

One of the tool boxes it is made of white oak
The pannels are red oak ply. and red oak drawer fronts

The bench still isn't finished but it is comming along slowly. I still need to make half a dozen drewers and the fronts for both of the boxes that open to the front side of the bench. I need to install a differant vice I keep finding better ones and upgrading. at $7.00 for the latest one it is the most expensive part of the bench.

Bench Boxes.

Were is the tressel with one of the box carcuses
The tressel is made of 2X2 white oak boards glued up to make 4X4 and 2x6's

So this is what I am using for bench pulls.
They were sent to me by my friends at woodcentral. all are broken or used tools.

This is what it looks like with all of the boxes
At this point none of the pulls had been put on or a finish applied They will all get BLO applied.

This drawer is between the bottom streachers
It is 50" long I made it 3" deep to hold my growing collection of levels. It's good to have storage.

This is the south end befor picture I'll have to find one to put here.

Other shop Pictures Short tour.

Here is the south wall with my saw till
It also has some plane storage there is more on the west wall eventualy more will be in the bench

Old School bench
I picked this up the other day $12 at a sale I will use it for assimbly table needs a coat of BLO

This is a picture of the power tool shop
I didn't have another picture of the nander shop so this one will work fro a few days.

This is a nasty picture I'll get a better one
The pulls have been attached to the center box. the other two boxes still arent finished yet.

All I had to do was paint and replace the window on this wall.

This is a finished picture of the south end.

This is the west wall or part of it anyway
Shows some of the pegboard that holds the braces one for every bit & storage for the molding planes

Molding plane storage.
There are about 55 or so most came from Tony Murland great guy buy some.

 clean shop is not part of the picture. This shop has work under construction all the time and pictures will shop projects in progress. I might start a page that shows some of the tools I have built. who knows?


This is the family room painted with the carpet installed. the crown molding was in the living room on three walls I installed it in the coffered celing. We also added the celing fan and light.